Care Groups

Care groups provide a starting point for enjoying a real sense of community as a body. They serve as an appropriate context in which we can build genuine relationships, engage one another in spiritual life, and pursue biblical fellowship together.  Our groups meet in homes on the first and third Sundays of each month.


1st and 3rd sundays

We currently have five different homes that host Care Groups. Below you will find the various groups. Please join us on a Sunday morning for more information on times and locations.


wood/Gilliland Group

Leaders- Josh & Becca Lee
Hosts- Robin & Marla Steffens
Leaders- Jason & Stefani Wood
Hosts- Mark & Tracy Gilliland

Abriam/Hanevik Group

Garringer/Swasey Group

Leaders- Mike & Tiffany Abriam
Hosts- Scott & Jessica Hanevik
Leaders- David & Rachel Garringer
Host- Rachel Swasey

Danner/dawson Group

Leaders- Marcus & Mae Danner
Hosts- Paul & Donna Dawson
For individuals with health concerns.
Please see Wolf Fengler for more information.