Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives are a summary of the beliefs and practices of Hope Chapel.  We encourage you to make it your goal to join us for our next available Distinctives class. During this class you will find that we cover each of these topics thoroughly and give plenty of opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

God’s Glory in and through the Church

What exactly is the Church? Why is the Church important? What purpose does it serve in God’s Plan of Salvation? What role do we play in it? Why should you commit to a local church body? And why Hope Chapel in particular?

The Gospel

What is the content of the “Good News?” The Gospel is our central message. It’s the lens through which we view life. It transforms our life and gives us a heart for evangelism. It lays a foundation for godliness, stimulates joy in God, and provides our impetus for worship.

Our Response to the Gospel

How do we respond the Gospel call? What’s the process, and who directs it? Why must we worship God together? How do we develop a love for God’s Word and cultivate joy and gratitude to God for what He’s done for us?


God called us not only to salvation, but to increasing godliness. It’s a battle and a process to break the habit of sin and learn to love. The Church is where that battle and that process take place. What does God expect of us? What did God give us to make sanctification possible?

Sound Doctrine

Why is doctrine necessary? We want to grow in our knowledge of Biblical truth (doctrine), and to apply this truth to our lives so that we glorify God in all we do. That’s why we’re committed to Scripture as our sole authority. This session provides an overview of God’s Plan of Redemption in the Bible.

Empowered by the Spirit

The Spirit is God’s active presence. But who is He? How does He work in us to purify us? What are the evidences of His presence? How does He empower us for the work of ministry? What are the purposes of spiritual gifts?

Relationships in the Church

Our fellowship with God is experienced through our fellowship with each other, grounded in the Scriptures. Jesus laid down his life to redeem and prepare us for Kingdom living. We’re a family, not a collection of isolated individuals. As a community we express the love of God toward one another in our relationships. Where are they cultivated, and how are they governed?

Servanthood and Stewardship

“The one who would be first among you must be servant of all.” Mk 10:44. We serve in a number of ways and means. Wise stewardship is part of our worship; it’s also a means of serving others. We have both structured and spontaneous ministry opportunities. Learn what they are and how to be involved.

Pastoral Leadership

What is the Biblical model for leadership? What terms do we use to describe our leaders? What are the characteristics or qualifications of a leader? What role do leaders play in the life of the church? How should you respond to leaders? And what are the blessings of godly leadership?

Evangelism and Mission

It is a privilege and responsibility to share the Gospel, individually and corporately. It requires Biblical training, an outreach mentality, and faithful expressions of care and witnessing by the individual members of Hope Chapel. What role does every believer play in the proclamation of the Gospel?

We hope you take the opportunity to join us for the next available class!

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